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the supply of gasoline, which Is urgently needed for more use- ful purposes than mere auto pleasure touring.

DRY ELECTION MADEJERTAIN County Option Petitions Filed With About 10,000 Names.

All Gains Consolidated in Torrential Rain and Desperate Gounter-Attacks of Teutons Are Repulsed. Tfee consolidation process I Is being carried out under a torrential j rain which Is hammering further oper- I Mtions. tage gained by the smashing of the German lines will have to be Judged by further developments. i.— German counter-at- tfc£k B_yester d&y aftfrnoo n and last (Continued on^jpage 4, fourth column.) SENATE TO^Ott ON PNOHl Bm ON SOON Outcome of Nation-wide Movement Is Somewhat in Doubt. 1.— Nation-wide prohibition legislation came up for final acti^jn In the senate today, with the outcome apparently in doubt. If the amendment la passed it will have to be ratified by three-fourths of all the states. OPENING OF NATIONAL GUARD C AMPS DELAYED Washington. l.^-Delays in preparing National Guard mobiliza- tion camps, the war department an- nounced today will postpone thelf opening about two weeks. PEOPLE ARE'd YING BY SCORES AS RESULT OF CONTINU ED H EAT WAVE (Contlnued_froni_pag' V) early today Increased the number of victims of the heat wave in Pittsburgh to twenty-four.

^^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^ n ' : M^P % ^H w'-," ^^ '" -',-,^'-'"'-^ ' : • "■ ■$ ' W.'^-l^'^^ '^Im ^^^ST ^ ^ * V • ^ ^ i^-^^i ' ^ip i ■p ^^H^^ -^ IJ^pi 1 HPP- Hr VI^ **^H gl^l^ '-^■j 1 1^ ii Hp 1 ■1 1^ i m 1 MANY PRISONERS TAKEN FIRST DAY Advance Line Two and Half Miles in Territory in Flanders Long Held By the Germans. AMERIC^ SENT DOWN BY U-BOAT Twenty-Two Survivors of Crew of Thirty-Four Are Landed. The new line which along the greater part of its stretch is from two miles to two and one-half miles in advance of the old and includes ten captured towns, has been firmly held along the I entire front. The senate has agreed to begin vot- ing on all amendments and the reso- lution Itself at 4 o'clock this afternoon Pending was a motion calling for the submission of the proposed con- stitutional amendment to the states for ratification by July 1, 1923. — The deadlock of the conferees on the administration food control bill was broken today and complete agreement reached when the senate conferees yielded and con- sented to strike out the amendment proposing a congressional committee to supervise war expenditures, which President Wilson has opposed. Jeti- sen In addition to th*» noncommis- sioned officers and those designated as tlrst-clasa privates there are thlrty-si.\ pri\ates.

with the filing of 244 petition sheets containing approximately 10,000 sworn signatures late yesterday, a county option election for Sept. Three thousand more ranies than were necessary were obtained, accord- ing to Senator Richard Jones, manager of the county option campaign. Charles N.- Pace, pastor of the church, said this morn- ing. Miller came here two years ago after his ordination as a minister.

All Steel Ships Possible Will Be Constructed for Immediate Use. ' Senate provisions for negotiation* toward Federal acquisition of the Cape . The only ap- I propriation changes were the restora- I tion of the house appropriation of 126.- 000 for Improvement of the James, Nanseinond and Appomattox rivers in Virginia and elimination of ,000 pro- vided by the senate for improvement of the Upper Missouri river between Sioux City, Iowa, and Fort Benton. There has been some #;»,ol Ing by local thunderstorms in lo^ Wlscon- I sin. are probable Alight and Thursday in Lower Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and along the Oreat I^kes. about the aviation officers by confirm- ing their nominations. Miller predicts that the aviation corps will atrract the "bright- est, nerviest, most »ffleient of our youth — what might be called the flower of uur chivalry," HUMANin'? Briand's authorization to take note I of the emperor's promise to support ; our claim to Alsace-Lorraine and to I leave us free to seek guarantees • against fresh aggression, not by annex- ing territories on the left bank of the I Rhine, but making an autonomous I stato of these territories which wuuld i protect us and also Belgium against invasion. i TBKE ST006C OF ray HIBCS, ;yii T m$E$, ¥mm l Ekiu AT Vz OFF REGULAR PRICES Here is your chance to buy Trunks and Leather goods at prices far below the wholesale. \% ran eaalljr fill tmmr a Alid pntf M of the greatest bargrains «\er offered any pu Mic. Peter Lemberg, ape 52 years, weijjhing 250 pound.^, wa.s killed when she was thrown from a hu Kgy.

PEOFIE AH DYING BY m U AS RESULT OF CONTINUED HEAT WAVE Conferees on River and Harbor Bill Have Reached an Agreement. The senate provision for a Federal waterway commission to comprise seven members Including one army en- gineer, an expert hydraulic engineer and five others to be selected by the president was retained. He thinks also that the general staff of the army should be consulted and approve the aviation program before it becomes ef- . FUTURE IS TONNAGE PROBLEM French Official Says End of War Depends on Stiipping. "We have never thought to do what Bismarck did In 1871. fourth column.) I \ ■t li Sd.^ DEFECTIVE PAGE ■ t *L--^ -■ ■ *t? A.s every article la ii»arked to sell below co»t we cannot ro into any ex- tra expense in extensive adver- tlsins tolling you what we have, t'ome in and come early. falling head first from a bridira onto a rock, her neck being broken. Johnson and two children were badly bruised in the accident.

Prac- tically every range town contributed more than its quota of names. Robert Miller Seeks Appoint- ment as Chaplain in Navy. Robert Miller, assistant pastor of the First Methodist church, who recently made application for appoint- ment as chaplain in the United States navy, conferred with Secretary of the Navy Daniels In Washington yesterday Rev. He was graduated from the Boston theological school in 1915. their commanding officer, that ten pairs of blankets and om. Later the matter was reported to the civilauthorities.

Senator Jones was optimistic about the result of the election. cap- tain in the medical reserve corps, has been ordered by Adjt. Mc Cain to report to Fort Riley, Kan., for a three months' course of instruction in sur- gery. Clark will leave tonight and will report for duty Aug. BANK CLEARINGS SET NEW RECORD Total of 5,161,095 Re- ported for Last Seven Montlis. PROBE THEFT OF ARMY EQUIPMENT • Guard Officers Warn Public Against Buying Such Property. Blankets, overt oats, sv/eaters and cots of army issue are quartermas- ter's property and do not belong to the men to whom they are issued.

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